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Ces Butner, President of Rotary Club of Oakland

Call to Order – Ces Butner

President Ces Butner called our virtual Oakland Rotary Civic Thursday meeting to order at 12:28 pm, noting this is the 5,313th meeting in our 111-year old history.

Adam Sbeta

Thought for the Day – Adam Sbeta

Adam Sbeta reminded the Zoom audience that the California Consumer Privacy Act gives consumers control over personal information that businesses collect about them. California consumers have the right to know about the personal information collected, the right to delete personal information collected, the right to opt-out of the sale of personal information, and the right to non-discrimination for exercising their privacy rights.

Tristen Conner, Theory in Practice Acoustics

Meeting Sponsor – Tristen Conner, Theory in Practice Acoustics

TIP Acoustics is an acoustical consulting and engineering company founded by member Tristen Connor. It is an Oakland business and is woman and LGBT owned. The company provides sound isolation, equipment noise control and environmental acoustic services in construction, renovation, and tenant improvement projects. Best of all, Tristen will donate 5% of her fees to the club on any project referred by an Oakland Rotary member. Thank you, Tristen.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Past president Ed Jellen welcomed District Governor Gregg Giusiana and guests Allison Woolsey (hosted by Keith Uriarte) and Lisa Rooney-Zarri (hosted by Wendy Howard).

District Governor Gregg Giusiana

District Governor’s Annual Visit

President Ces introduced District Governor Gregg Giusiana. Gregg is a retired police chief and member of the Gilroy Rotary Club. He was selected as Gilroy's "Man of the Year" in 2015. Gregg commended the Rotary Club of Oakland for its work in the community and for District 5170.

Past President Sean Marx

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee chair, Past President Sean Marx, announced that the club will hold an election for club directors and the president-elect-nominee in December. He invited members to nominate eligible members to serve on the Nominating Committee by entering their names in the chat box. A minimum of twelve nominees are needed for the Nominating Committee election on October 29th. 

Leeann Alameda

Paul Harris Fellow Presentations

Leeann Alameda, co-chair of The Rotary Foundation Committee, kicked off the presentation of Paul Harris Fellow awards. The Paul Harris Fellow program recognizes individuals who contribute or who have contributions made in their names, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation. President Ces virtually presented PHF pins to the following members:

  • Ann Chretien - PHF+7
  • Julie Fox - PHF+4
  • Mary Geong - PHF+5
  • Merlin Edwards - PHF+1
  • Ruth Stroup - PHF+1

Mary (wearing all of her PHF pins) and Ruth thanked Ces for the pins and underscored their support of the PHF program.

Presidential Challenge Announced

President Ces urged members to support his goal of 100% participation in The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and Oakland Rotary Endowment (ORE) campaigns by pledging to contribute $50,000 to the TRF and another $50,000 to ORE if every member makes a contribution in any amount to both campaigns. He recommended that all members experience the "gift of giving" by supporting Rotary's local and international projects. He reminded us that our club dues pay club operating expenses and are not used for the TRF or ORE.

Joe Goralka, co-chair of the Rotary Foundation Committee, thanked President Ces for his amazing support, vision, and generosity for the TRF and ORE campaigns. Thank you Ces

Jackie Forrester, Owner - Forrester Accounting and Bookkeeping

New Member Induction – Jackie Forrester

Sandeepa Nayak, Technical Director of Kha Creation, introduced new member Jackie ForresterJackie is an Oakland native and owner of Forrester Accounting and Bookkeeping. Growing up in Oakland, Jackie participated in youth and community programs, including the Jesse Owens track and field events, the Oakland Christmas Pageant, and Junior Achievement. Welcome Jackie. Your new red badge is waiting for you.

Danny Mai

Business Development Expo

Business Development Committee chair Danny Mai invited everyone to virtually attend the Business Expo on Thursday, November 5th, 3:00-5:00 pm via Zoom. Mayor Libby Schaaf will be the keynote speaker. You must register to attend at: 


Olivia Luisa, representing Area One Interact, reported on the District 5170 Interact Fall Leadership Conference. The virtual conference had 1,000 attendees. The 2020-21 Interact international and community projects were revealed at the conference. The international project is "Feeding the Future" which will address food insecurity in Yemen and has a goal of $50,000. The community project is "Combating with Care" which will relieve the impact of Covid-19 on local marginalized communities and has a goal of $20,000. Good luck Interactors.

Larry Diamond

Speaker of the Day – Larry Diamond

Past President David Stein introduced Larry Diamond, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and professor of political science at Stanford. He has consulted with the World Bank, United Nations, State Department, and other governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Dr. Diamond discussed the six key trends of the global democratic recession. They include a declining level of freedom and democracy; the deteriorating rule of law; the waive of illiberal populism; increasing polarization and intolerance; the authoritarian resurgence; and the decay of democratic values in the U.S. and Europe.

The global expansion of democracy has slowed, and more than 50% of countries are not democratic. There have been declines in freedom in Turkey, Venezuela, Hungary, Poland, the United States, Russia, Kenya, and Mexico. Causes of the decline in democracy include accelerating globalism; rising levels of immigration; globalization of corruption; and new authoritarian solidarity. Dr. Diamond brought a depressing but important message to the audience.

Michael Bruck - Club Secretary

Nominating Committee Candidates

Club Secretary Michael Bruck announced a bonanza of nominees for the 2020-21 Nominating Committee. They are David Stein, Renia Webb, Elida Scola, CJ Hirschfield, Gail Uilkema, Alex Poulsen, Diane Schaffer, Mary Rudser, Jim Caponigro, David Barron, Danny Mai, Robert Kidd, Harold Lowe and Steve Nicholls.


The bell was ringing during the meeting.

  • Joycie Mack rang the bell three times for the Paul Harris Fellows.
  • Joe Goralka rang the bell for Ces Butner and the Presidential Challenge.
  • Greg Annis and Danny Mai rang the bell for Interact and their projects.


President Ces Butner adjourned another busy meeting at 1:30 pm with his signature comment “that’s the way it went” and the reminder that Rotary Opens Opportunity for Service Above Self.

Larry Gelernt, Deputy Director, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Next Meeting, October 22 – Lee Gelernt

Gary Flaxman announced the speaker will be Larry Gelernt, Deputy Director, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). He will speak on the clash between US immigration policy and constitutional rights.

Call to Order and Thought for the Day – Ces Butner

President Ces Butner called the meeting to order and commented on the historic meaning of the day. Not only would we be welcoming Jennifer E. Jones, Rotary International’s first female president in 2022-23 as our guest speaker, we would also hear about new joint campaign among clubs who were the first five Rotary clubs founded in the world.

Pres. Ces introduced Erik Cempel, president of the Chicago Rotary Club, to chair the meeting on behalf of the newly formed Rotary First Five Collaborative consisting of Chicago #1, Seattle #2, Oakland #3, San Francisco #4, and Los Angeles #5.  He welcomed First Five members as well as Rotarians from throughout the world who were invited to Zoom into the meeting, noting an audience of several hundred Rotarians from at least seven countries.

Thought for the Day – Marga Hewko

Chicago Rotary President-elect Marga Hewko shared the familiar observation that “a virus is a great equalizer.” She invited us to visualize what life would be like if we were forced to live 24/7 in an outdoor urban environment, with only a sleeping bag and a few possessions to our name. She asked us all to open our hearts and our ears to humbly listen to the need and to take action.

President Erik asked leaders of the respective clubs to provide progress on the Collaborative work to identify a new project.

Marshall Schmitt, Past President - Rotary Club of Chicago

How One Idea Grew into a Collaborative

Chicago Rotary’s immediate past president Marshall Schmitt told us that the First Five Rotary Collaborative is “a child of the Covid-19 Pandemic” and also the brainchild of just one Rotarian who last April envisioned Rotary clubs coming together on a single project to help those hurting. Through meetings with each club’s leadership, program chairs and members, who in May participated in break-out sessions, it became obvious that helping the homeless was an area that needed Rotary’s help.

J.T. Forbus, President - Rotary Club of San Francisco

Our Focus

San Francisco Rotary President J.T. Forbus shared details on the plight of the homelessness, and facts our club members know firsthand thanks to President Ces’s chosen focus on homelessness during his presidential year. There are many agencies serving the homeless and the majority approached to date are glad to have Rotary’s assistance and can-do approach, given its amazing track record on Polio Plus!

Matthew Ball, President - Rotary Club of Los Angeles

Our Joint Project and Launch

Los Angeles Rotary President Matthew Ball announced on behalf of the Collaborative that our new project will launch in conjunction with Homelessness Awareness Week, November 15-22 in the United States. It will focus on health hygiene and we will distribute 10,000 kits containing basic hygiene materials. Each club can also add items to the kits, if desired. The Collaborative has been working with various suppliers to obtain the materials, and with agencies serving the homeless who have agreed to help distribute them. More details are forthcoming.

Jennifer E. Jones, 2022-23 President-elect of Rotary International

Speaker of the Day – Jennifer Jones

President Ces had the honor of introducing our distinguished speaker of the day, Jennifer E. Jones, 2022-23 President-elect of Rotary International.

Jennifer shared with us how very honored she is to be the first female president of our organization. She is pleased to be a part of an organization focused on ensuring greater diversity and inclusion and certainly plans to do her part in that respect in terms of diversity, including beyond gender.

She congratulated the five clubs on our collaboration and our very special focus to help the homeless.  She shared a quote from a loved one who once told her “in order to live in the kind of society you want, you have to help build it.” Noting that the power to collaborate is often greater in its results than the efforts of a single person or club, she is looking forward to following our work and seeing the success of our project.

Building partnerships with organizations outside Rotary is a hallmark of our success in getting things done, and has attracted funding to our causes and logistical help when needed. Examples include the major funding Polio Plus received from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the help we received from the World Health Organization and local agencies as we distributed and administered the Polio vaccine around the world. She learned from a friend that Mother Teresa, with whom the friend had worked, had a favorite saying which was “just do the work, the money will follow.” We have seen this truth in Rotary International and its clubs, and she hopes it continues.

After a question and answer period, Pres. Ces thanked Jennifer for her participation by indicating that a generous donation had been made in her honor to the homeless project.

To watch her video recording please click here.

Jeff Borek, President - Rotary Club of Seattle

Rotary’s Beginnings

To close this special meeting, Seattle Rotary President Jeff Borek provided a brief history of how and when each of our first five clubs were founded near the dawn of the 20th century, and the people who helped make it all happen. He also noted that women were not allowed to be members until May, 1987.

Erik Cempel, President - Rotary Club of Chicago


President Erik returned to thank all for their time and enthusiasm, saying more of both will be needed, especially with our new project. He adjourned the meeting and rang the bell. Members were invited to stay and participate in break-out fellowship sessions, and many did so.

Next Meeting, October 15 – Larry Diamond, Author and Political Scholar

At our Civic Thursday meeting at 12:30 pm on October 15, Professor Larry Diamond will speak on the current challenges our democracy faces from both external forces as well as those domestically. He is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and professor of political science and sociology at Stanford University. In addition, he is author of numerous books and will provide insights contained in his book: “Ill Winds, Saving Democracy from Russian Rage, Chinese Ambition, and American Complacency.” The meeting Zoom link is:

Pam Claassen

Call to Order and Thought for the Day – Pam Claassen

President Ces Butner rang the bell to call our virtual Oakland Rotary Civic Thursday meeting to order.  He noted it is our 5,311th meeting in our 111 plus year history.

Pam Claassen inspired us with some thoughts from Dr. Joshua Bamberger who spoke to the club recently: Housing the homeless is cost effective…all life is of value and helping the homeless sets the standard of decency for all of us.

Linda Hamilton

Meeting Sponsor – Linda Hamilton, Stories To Last

Linda Hamilton, our meeting sponsor, started her business in 2006 to help individuals and businesses share their stories. Since then she has published over 40 books, videos and podcasts. She cited Mark Twain who observed “every life story is fascinating” and reminded us that in our everyday lives we tell stories all day long. Stories are good for our brains and can be incredibly powerful. Sometimes it takes courage to share our stories. Thank you, Linda, for being so inspiring.

Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Past President Ed Jellen welcomed our guests who checked in: Al Gilbert, CEO of Felton Institute and guest of Kim Cohn, and Oakland Councilmember Sheng Thao, guest of Keith Uriarte.

Emily Morgan, CEO Ashby Lumber

Self Introduction – Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan led with her self-introduction. She gave a shout out to Ed Jellen who brought the couple to their first Rotary meeting. Both Emily and Bryan joined Oakland Rotary in 2017. Emily is a fifth generation Californian and grew up in Piedmont. While in school, she worked part-time for Ashby Lumber, the business founded by her grandfather.  Her mother ran the company until September 2019, when Emily succeeded her as CEO. In addition to her work duties, she and Bryan are the proud parents of two youngsters, and are expecting their third due to be born next month.

When we resume regular meetings, Emily will receive her permanent Blue Badge.

Bryan Morgan, Director of Finance - Sephora

Self Introduction – Bryan Morgan

Bryan Morgan gave his self-introduction noting that much of his story had been told by Emily. He was born in Santa Rosa and grew up in Chico. His early career was in e-commerce retailing.  Six years ago, he changed his profession and is now Director of Finance for Sephora.  He met Emily in 2016. Needless to say, he is very proud dad as he described their two adorable children – and is looking forward to the arrival of their third child.

When we resume regular meetings, Bryan will receive his permanent Blue Badge.

Kim Cohn, Director - Felton Institute

Kim Cohn – Bellringer Announcement

Kim Cohn announced she has a new position at Felton Institute as Director, Deaf Community Counselling Services. She acknowledged her new boss, Al Gilbert, who attended the meeting. She thanked members for all the support she received while working at Family Paths and through this transition.  Kim’s bellringers are noted below.

Jason Wizelman

Jason Wizelman, Membership

Jason Wizelman asked us to remember “Oct In” – and explained that in October we are holding a Guest Drive. To “Oct In”, bring a guest to a virtual meeting at least once a month.

Stephen Murphy, President and CEO - Cristo Rey De La Salle High School

New Member Induction – Stephen Murphy

Member Sponsor and Past President John Protopappas introduced Stephen Murphy with several interesting facts. Stephen is President and CEO of Cristo Rey De La Salle High School.  His grandfather and father both were Rotarians.  At age 46, he took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, at which he excelled until his knees told his otherwise.  John has known Stephen for 23 years, and revealed that he is a former roommate of former Oakland Mayor/California Governor Jerry Brown.

President Ces welcomed Stephen on behalf of the club and announced he will receive several Rotary items including his membership pin, membership roster, Four-Way Test and a copy of our Centennial Book.  When we resume meeting in person, his membership badge will be awaiting him.

Cocktails with the President

Cocktails with the President – October 8th

On behalf of the Entertainment Committee, Past President Carla Betts asked everyone to virtually celebrate President Ces and His Roots on Thursday, October 8th at 5:30 pm. He hails from Missouri, so recipes for Missouri-inspired drinks will be sent to members to make in advance. Get this on your calendar!

The Zoom meeting link is:

John Holmgren

KinderPrep Update

KinderPrep Committee Chair John Holmgren reminded us that normally at this time of year, Rotary volunteers would be settling in at KinderPrep classrooms with the kids.  Planning has taken a different turn, as Virtual Learning Kits, consisting of 20 items for each child, will be distributed instead. In addition, teachers will receive gift cards so they can obtain items for their classrooms. The status of the traditional spring field trips is unknown at this time.  In the meantime, more volunteers are needed for virtual sessions with the children.  Please contact John at if you can help.

Michelle Starratt, Housing Director for Alameda County Housing and Community Development

Speaker of the Day – Michelle Starratt

Sonja Fitz introduced our speaker Michelle Starratt, Housing Director for Alameda County Housing and Community Development. Michelle has 20 years of experience working in housing development, much of it in the Bay Area.

Michelle Starratt provided some sobering statistics about homelessness in Alameda County.  She indicated there are 51,732 low income renter households who do not have access to an affordable home.  Renters need to make $45.65 per hour – three times the City of Oakland’s minimum wage of $14.14 per hour, in order to afford housing.  Seventy-one percent are paying more than half of their income on housing costs, compared to two percent in moderate income households.

Market rate rents have gone “straight through the roof”, and communities have to come up with helpful subsidies.  Available land is a dwindling resource, so the solution is to put as many units as possible on them, but it takes time. While tiny homes and camping cabins are an interim solution, in the end, the only solution is to live in a home you can afford.

She also shared her view that people don’t choose to be homeless, but circumstances make it happen.  Once people are homeless, then other things occur such as declining health, addiction to alcohol or other substances, etc. She also stated that services are critical – social services, health services, etc.—to help people recover.

Rotarians had many questions, which she fielded with useful information. 

To watch her video recording please click here.


David Kersten announced the following bellringers whose generous contributions further the work of Oakland Rotary Endowment:

  • Kim Cohn rang the bell twice – one for Family Paths and one for Felton Institute.
  • Ana-Marie Jones rang the bell for Kim Cohn and Felton Institute.
  • Ed Jellen rang the bell for Emily and Bryan Morgan.
  • Lorna Padia Markus rang the bell for Linda Hamilton.
President Ces Butner


In closing, President Ces Butner commented that “That’s The Way It Went” at today’s meeting of Oakland Rotary.  As he rang the bell and adjourned the meeting, he reminded us that Rotary Opens Opportunity for Service Above Self.

Rotarians Getting Outside

Take note of these upcoming outdoor activities:

  • Sunday, Oct. 11, 9 am. Bike Ride starting in Orinda. Contact Mark Rosen:
  • Wednesday, Oct. 11 am. Golf Tournament at Poppy Ridge in Livermore. Contact Mike 
  • Saturday, Oct. 17. 8:30 am. Kayaking at Elkhorn Slough. Contact Mark Rosen:
Jennifer Jones

Next Meeting, October 7 – Joint Meeting, First Five Rotary Clubs

President Ces announced that next week we will meet on Wednesday, October 7th at 2 pm with members who make up the First Five oldest clubs in the Rotary World: Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, and Los Angeles.  Our very special keynote speaker will be Jennifer Jones, who will become the FIRST female president of Rotary International in 2022-2023. She hails from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 

Members must register in advance for the October 7th meeting:

Members may invite a guest and provide the above link, but do not share the link publicly on social media. Members of the public should contact Pat at if they want to attend.


Marilyn Galiothe

Call to Order and Thought for the Day – Marilyn Galiothe

President Ces Butner rang the bell to call our virtual Oakland Rotary Civic Thursday meeting to order.  He noted it is our 5,310th meeting in our 111+ year history.

Marilyn Galiothe inspired us with a quote from Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world”.

Ruth Mary Stroup, Ruth Stroup Insurance Agency, Inc

Meeting Sponsor – Ruth Stroup Insurance Agency

Ruth Stroup, our meeting sponsor, told us about her insurance business. Catastrophic losses resulting for this fire season have impacted the insurance industry and each one of us. The home and auto business are the focus of Ruth’s agency along with small business policies, California Real, Life Insurance, Annuities and Retirement plans. One thing she did not mention is the job opportunities she provides for the young people on her staff. Ruth is a pillar of the Grand Avenue business community, with her generous spirit, hard work, and unflagging commitment to the common good, she reflects the principles of Rotary every day.

Nicholas Williams, CPRE, Director of Parks, Recreation and Youth Development.

Self Introduction – Nicholas Williams

Nicholas Williams gave his three-minute self-introduction to mark the end of his first year in the club. He is an Oaklander by birth who spent 20 years in Parks and Recreation in Atlanta, then four in Minneapolis, before joining Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development four years ago. He is passionate about his work with youth, driven by the mandate of removing barriers to their full development. He sees re-education as a way to change us and our world. Nicholas has been a drummer for 30 years playing with many well-known musicians including Luther Van Dross and Too Short. He has three grown sons, of which the youngest two will graduate from Morehouse College in 2021.

When we resume regular meetings, Nicholas will receive his permanent Blue Badge.

The Rotary Foundation – Honoring Paul Harris Fellows

The Rotary Foundation Committee Co-Chair Joe Goralka recognized the donations of members and spoke of the work that gets done with their money. We help provide clean water, medical equipment internationally, and hygiene kits for the unhoused right here in Oakland. An end to the scourge of Polio in the world is within reach due to the generous support of Rotarians around the world. Awards went to:

Barbara Beery (Paul Harris +8) whose voice cracked with the deep emotion of her service in India and heartfelt mentoring efforts with youth.
Diane Schaffer, who went to Central America on a medical service project. She encouraged us to keep our hearts open as she accepted her Paul Harris (+3) Award.
John Colon accepted his Paul Harris +3 award with a pledge to continue service and support to Rotary.
Lesley Weaver was not present to accept her Paul Harris +1 and Paul Harris +2 awards. Lesley comes from a Rotary family and was a Rotary Scholar in Denmark.
Peter Turner accepted his Paul Harris +3 award with deep gratitude for being a Rotarian. He reflected with gratitude on his international service experiences with many wonderful members.
Bob Peltz accepted his Paul Harris +4 award noting he has been a 40-year member of our club. With his wife Linda standing behind him, he wished for another 40 years of service.

This year President Ces set a goal of having every member make a contribution to the Rotary Foundation no matter how small so that we will be united by the example of Paul Harris.

Member Re-Introduction – Wise Allen

David Stein reintroduced the exemplary educator, Wise Allen. From a family of tenant farmers, through years of higher education Wise rose to college educator then administrator. In high school he played the saxophone and lettered in track. He still runs 4.5 miles a day. Wise served as a missile tracker in the military. He washed pots and cut meat to support himself through college and graduate school. In the 1960’s while studying in Washington D.C. he joined the civil rights movement. In 1972 he became a full-time faculty member at the College of Alameda in Psychology and Sociology. He retired nearly four decades later as the Chancellor of the Peralta Community Colleges District, having served in numerous prior positions, including Vice Chancellor, President of Merritt College, and administrator at each of the other three district colleges: Laney College, Berkeley City College and College of Alameda. During his time at the Peralta Community Colleges District, his considerable experience and skills were put to use over and over again solving financial and academic problems for the district, revising curriculum, making classes smaller, funding pensions and increasing the diversity of the student body. Wise and his wife Joan has been married for 50 years. They have four children and nine grandchildren.

L. Karen Monroe, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools

Speaker of the Day – Karen Monroe

Isaac Kos-Read introduced our speaker Karen Monroe, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools. Karen worked for Shirley Chisolm! She is committed to social justice for children of color. “Education touches everything we do.” Karen is an elected official whose job is to work with educators, policy makers and the business community to make sure students thrive in our classrooms. She is the one who gets County schools accredited. Karen, along with seven board members, is tasked with providing fiscal and academic oversight for 18 school districts in our state. There are 58 Superintendents in CA.  Karen will soon be president of their organization too.

She is moving forward with STEAMEQ, a non-profit program run out of the office of Education focused on preparing kids of color for high the paying jobs available now and in the future by emphasizing education in science, technology, engineering, arts and math, (STEAM). Nonprofits and corporations are working on this initiative to make it possible for kids to secure jobs that can support a family in the Bay Area. Even before Covid-19 families were leaving the area for more affordable housing. With the yet unseen effects of the pandemic the education system is headed for increased solvency problems. The question of where cuts can be made is always an issue.

At this time 227,000 students are learning virtually. In order to get them back into the classrooms the state suggests hiring a contractor to do health checks for virus symptoms. Karen is coming up with a way to make this happen without adding another strain on finances. She has a wide range of duties another of which is the Alameda County Office of Education Fund to provide support for fundamental needs for the families of students who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The well-being of the children in these homes hangs in the balance as their parents balance the need for food with the payment of rent. These challenges are not new but have worsened with hard times.  

To watch her video recording click here


Ana-Marie Jones announced the following bellringers, whose generous contributions further the work of Oakland Rotary Endowment:
Ken Richardson rang the bell for Ruth Stroup.
Fred Morse, David Stein, Karen Friedman, Jack McAboy, Jim and Linda Boessenecker, Ces Butner, Marie Saverimuthu and Lorna Padia Markus rang the bell for Wise Allen.
Robert Kidd
rang the bell for John Colon.
Isaac Kos-Read and Ruth Stroup rang the bell for Nicholas Williams.
Pam Claassen and Pat Williams rang the bell for Karen Monroe.

Michelle Starratt, Homelessness in Alameda County

Next Meeting, October 1 – Michelle Starratt, Homelessness in Alameda County

Sonja Fitz announced that the speaker will be Michelle Starratt, Housing Director at Alameda County Housing & Community Development. She will talk about homelessness in Alameda County, and housing options that she has seen work, and not work - challenges and pitfalls, opportunities and promising approaches. Click here to learn more .