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Meet at the Bridge Yard Pavilion, 210 Burma St. Oakland

Time: 8:30 A.M.

Total distance: 12 miles out and back from Bridge Yard.

We will cycle out on the bridge and have few minute stop  at the top of the incline. From there the ride will continue onto the island for socialization at Aracely Cafe for coffee/breakfast.

The ride wiil let you  enjoy the fabulous views of the East Bay and the City depending on fog, of course. 

On the return you will get a bit of exercise  cycling over the hill.  The return to Bridge Yard is a smooth cruise, downhill and with the wind!

Parking is available at the Bridge Yard, or park at either Toys R Us or Target. and cycle to the start of the Bay Bridge path across from IKEA, then out to Bridge Yard Pavilion (about 10-15 min).

Note, cycling out on the bridge will be into the wind, and up a grade of a 2-4%.  It can be a bit chilly, so dress accordingly.


12 mile Ride Option: 23 mile 30 miles

The wine harvest is on, please join the High Adventure committee for a bike ride through the Livermore Wine country.  The ride leader will be Steve Blair

Several distance options are available.

12 mile flat ride -   This route includes a 4 mile section of bike

path through vineyards on the South edge of Livermore

23  mile route - ride the 12 mile route, then extend the ride with a climb up through the pastoral hills on Tesla Rd.

30 mile route - add a few more miles of vineyards and pastures by taking Cross Rd loop after descending Tesla Rd.

Finish the ride with lunch and a glass of wine at Garre.

All routes start and end at Garre Winery.

Wheels roll at 9am.

Here is a link to the route  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31015734

Please let Steve Blair (blair5200@gmail.com) or Mark Rosen (highadventure@outlook.com) know that you are planning to Ride.


There is no cost associated with this event 

High Adventure returned to Elkhorn Slough (Moss Landing) for a kayaking adventure

  • Oakland Rotary Welcome

    Kayak Connection knows how to welcome !
  • Mark Rosen plus "Go Sharks"

  • Looking Good

  • Huddled Up

High Adventure  journeyed  back to Elkhorn Slough on September 15th 

 Otters!  Sea Lions! Peliguins!  But No whales off the beach!  

Kayaks were  rented at Kayak Connection at Moss landing  (see below) for members that did not have their own rquipment 

Elkhorn Slough:


As in past trips the kayak experience was for 2.5 hours.  


All were reminded that  each month and day on the slough is very different and  to dress accordingly

Meeting Schedule:

Everyone joined up and were ready when  Kayak Connection opened at  9:00.   Kayak Connection even had a "Welcome Oakland Rotary" sign out.  i


Afterwards we all journied for  lunch at  Phil’s’ Fish Market.  If you haven’t been its an experience.



Horned Owl
Sea Otter
Caspian Terns

Jon and Gudrun Traveling the Trails

Gudrun ...Just blazing the way!!!! Anyone see Jon!!!

Hiking the North Yorkshire Moors in rain

Hiking the North Yorkshire Moors in rain and wind!

Putting the new Osprey Gortex gear to the ultimate test and it passed 100% Quite amazing to be warm, comfortable and smiling!!!

The heather is spectacular, as far as you can see in all directions.

We are warm, dry and settling in at the Buck Inn Hotel, Chop Gate, for the night. We have three more days of hiking, plus a two day layover to ride the steam trains and we will arrive at Robin Hood's Bay! Quite a hike!!!

Fellow Rotarians on the trail!

Rotary Club of Keswick


Met a group of hiking Rotarians today on the trail between Orton and Kirkby Stephen.

Spotted the Rotary Club of Keswick on one guys shirt! We had a great chat and fun joking about a make-up meeting for us!

Added to the enjoyment of the day.

A 13 mile day we are over 90 miles in the last 7 days

  • Ten days and 131 miles under our belts!
  • Sun, rain, mud, bogs and great B&B’s
  • Tea along the trail, sometimes in a tea room and sometimes trail side
  • . With a bath or shower, dinner and a good nights sleep we are revived and ready for the next day’s hike

At our meeting on July 25, 2019, Karen Friedman introduced our speaker, Dr. Joshua Bamberger, who is currently serving (in addition to his medical practice) as the Assistant Director of UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative. A specialist in exploring the causes and remedies to homelessness in the Bay Area, Dr. Bamberger gave a thoughtful and informative presentation on the important subject to us today.

Oakland has one of the biggest homeless populations in the area, and it has risen by 47% in the past two years here. He pinpointed homeless causes of incarceration, mental illness and alcoholism, but by far the main root cause is lack of affordable housing. Fifty percent of the homeless over 50 years old were not homeless until that age, but were unable to remain in their homes, ending up on the street.

The major solution over time is providing more affordable housing, which has been woefully under built for the demand. It will not completely solve the homeless problem, but at least will get people off the streets and out of shelters and temporary housing like safe-sheds, seeing those as “emergency room” temporary solutions. Homelessness is certainly a major issue here in Oakland, and his remarks were topical and informative.

Dr. Bamberger’s presentation may be seen on the live stream video of the July 25th meeting at http://bit.ly/BambergerRCO

At our Club lunch meeting on July 18, Wendy Howard introduced Ashley Pritchard, a former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, who shared her fascinating work in Myanmar.

While working at United Nations headquarters in New York, she first learned about the Ambassadorial Scholarship program, funded by The Rotary Foundation.  Over 40,000 scholars from 100 nations received Ambassadorial Scholarships between 1948 and 2012. She received her Master of Arts in International Development from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. As a result, she was sent to Myanmar where she worked on the historic 2015 election to allow the country to transition from a dictatorship to a democracy. 

She described Myanmar: it has the 25th largest population in the world;90% of the people are Buddist; there are over 135 recognized ethnic groups; and it is a very poor agrarian society.  The Internet does not exist, and communication is very difficult.

The election was expected to bring out 40% of the voters, but 70% turned out instead.  Following the election, she influenced, drafted or revised more than 15 national policies. The laws had not been changed since British colonial rule ended some 50 years earlier.   She worked with a company to draft a new human rights policy, providing labor rights to workers.  Now, more than 175 companies have joined the first company in instituting human rights policies.

She helped manage a refugee camp for several hundred thousand persecuted ethnic Rohingya people after Myanmar rejected their citizenship.  They were forced to flee primarily to Bangladesh.

She thanked Rotary for its many projects underway globally.

Upon her conclusion, the audience gave her a well-deserved standing ovation. After the meeting, some members said that it was the best presentation they’ve ever seen at a Rotary meeting! For those who couldn’t make the meeting, you may view her presentation at


Cycling from Fairfax to Point Reyes Station


On Saturday, July 20, The High Adventure cycled from Fairfax to Point Reyes Station and back.  The weather and road conditions were fabulous.  The traffic conditions were minimal and those cars encountered yielded the road. 

A short lay over at Point Reyes Station provided time for lunch and the Farmers Market.

Total distance: 39.66 miles

Elevation Gain : 2257

Time 3h 18 min 



                                   Image result for cycling to point reyes station

Saturday July 20th     9:00 AM 


Saturday, July 20, The High Adventure is going to cycle from Fairfax to Point Reyes Station and back 

We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the "Fairfax Coffee Roastery" in Fairfax located at 4 Bolinas Rd., the corner of Bolinas Rd. and Broadway.  


The ride will be the scenic route along Sir Francis Drake Blvd. West to Olema at Hwy. 1, Shoreline Hwy, then North to Pt. Reyes Station.  This route will skip a much longer, hillier route along Bolinas Road, which turns into Fairfax Bolinas Rd, out to Hwy 1 in Bolinas, 11.2 miles south of Olema.  

- Once we get to Olema at Shoreline Hwy we will continue 2.4 miles, mostly flat, North to Point Reyes Station.

Remember all High Adventure Events are open to all. We encourage that friends and family members be extended invitations

If you are planning or thinking you may attend please email me at       Highadventure@outlook.com 


High Adventure of the Oakland Rotary #3 

Upcoming Events 

July 20, 2019               Cycling Point Reyes Station       9:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M                Cost: Free

August 01, 2019          Family Picnic                              5:30 P.M. to 7:45 P.M.               Cost: $21.00 per person  Children under 12 free

August 25, 2019          A's Vs Giants                              11:00 A.M  Tailgate                    Cost: $50.00 includes ticket to game

September 15, 2019   Kayaking - Elkhorn   8:30 A.M to 12:00 P.M         Cost: Free (Guide) plus cost of Rental 

October 12, 2019        Asti Tour De Vine      Cycling                              Cost: http://www.astitourdevine.com/




What Our Students Said About Enterprise Institute

I don't think I've ever been more challenged with teamwork before.

OMG Great! [food]

A great learning experience in presenting in front of a large crowd.

I really liked how we were pushed out of our comfort zone and were demonstrated the importance of talking and socializing with people you don't know.

I am most proud of the improvement in my presentation skills (speaking to large groups).

Not only have I learned from Rotarians, I was able to learn from other groups and how to think differently.

Food was AMAZING!

Thanks for having me!

I've learned a good amount from my peer counselor and we've created a caring bond.

I've had an amazing time learning and meeting new people.

Judges were very considerate yet honest feedback after presentations and it did not feel intimidating talking with them.

Loved it - was a great experience.

A big...BIG learning experience! Judges were cool!

I love all the Rotarians--super engaging/supportive.

I had a good time!

Hella good food.

The overall program was fun and I learned a lot.


LOVED ALL OF THIS (even the blackout)

Moonlight Kayaking from Jack London Square will return this fall

The date if the event has not been set.  

Being on the water and viewing the Oakland skyline with the full moon in the sky is an overwhelming experience 

To put in another way "Moonlight paddling is enchanting!"

The water is calm and glassy on the Oakland Estuary and the city lights add to the ambiance.

The kayaking is at a leisurely pace as the sun sets and the moon rises, illuminating a delightful evening. 

For more information Contact Mark Rosen 

Kayaking will be followed by those desiring to continue the merriment at a local eatery.
Place to be determined prior to the event!
About Moonlight Kayaking From Jack London Square 

Goal: Enjoy a leisurely kayak cruise under the moonlight on the Oakland Estuary off Jack London Square.

Prerequisite: Novices must paddle in a double kayak with an experienced friend.
The minimum age for Moonlight Kayaking is 14 years; children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Duration of program: 3 hours

Time on the water: Approximately 2 hours

Note: Good physical condition is required to ensure an enjoyable class. If you are not sure about your abilities to participate in this activity, please call our California Kayak's Program Office at 800-366-9804.

Paddling under the moonlight is an enchanting experience! The water is usually calm and glassy on the Oakland Estuary in the evening, and the city lights add to the romance. We'll enjoy a leisurely pace as the sun goes down, and the moonrise sets the stage for a beautiful trip. Weather depending, we'll paddle out around Government Island, or towards the mouth of the Oakland Estuary. You stay warm and dry in our cozy sea kayaks, too. You can introduce a friend to moonlight kayaking by paddling together in one of our stable doubles.

California Kayak's enthusiastic staff will give a brief orientation to the equipment and strokes, then guide you on a tour of the area. During the trip, we'll "raft up" the kayaks and drift under the moonlight while enjoying the sounds of the city!