Giving Child a Polio Vaccine

Rotarians know no geographical boundaries.  They seek world peace and cultural understanding.  And they make things happen – from eradicating polio to supporting women scale businesses to bringing clean water to communities. In Oakland Rotary, we do this through the following three committees.

Youth and Local

Distributing Food to Oakland Residents

For the last 100-plus years, Rotarians have committed to making Oakland a better place.  We are proud of this legacy and continue to put “service above self”  through the following ten committees.


Rotarians on Mt. Whitney Trip

Club members take care of each other and our Club. They help each other develop professionally, and they develop deep friendships and business connections.  They enjoy meeting new people and building community. To fulfill their commitment to the Club, they may serve on a committee in one of four areas.

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International Committees

We work with Rotary clubs in developing countries to plan, finance, and implement community service projects. We also work on special projects, such as student exchanges, to promote world peace through increased understanding among people in the world.

Promotes better international relations through youth exchange programs, including the long-standing student exchange with Oakland Rotary’s sister-city club, the Fukuoka Rotary Club.

We promote the work of the Rotary Foundation. We coordinate and maintain records on our Club's Paul Harris Fellows and other Club members contributions to the Rotary Foundation, and we ensure that appropriate recognition materials are presented to donors.

Youth and Local Committees

Each spring we conduct a three-day camp in Aptos  for high school  sophomores and juniors from Oakland schools. We invite past participants to serve as peer mentors at the camp. Participating students build leadership skills and learn about the opportunities, benefits and challenges of...

We provide mentoring to a select group of students, starting in their middle school years and continuing through high school graduation. If a HOPE mentee meets specified grade and attendance requirements and satisfies other criteria through the end of high school, he or she receives up to $10,...

We develop and support InterAct Clubs, which are service clubs for students in Oakland high schools. Through Interact, students develop leadership skills and a love of community service.

We provide materials, supplies, field trips, classroom volunteers, enriching experiences, and other program support to the Transitional Kindergarten program of the Oakland Unified School District.

We provide hands-on trade skills to students in the Laney College building-trades program. Through a partnership among Oakland Rotary, Laney College, and the City of Oakland, students construct or rehabilitate a house, which is sold to a low-income household. The proceeds of the sale fund future...

We identify and select high school students to attend  the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) camp each summer.

We award college scholarships to deserving Oakland high school seniors. The application and selection process takes place in the spring. During the rest of the year, committee members serve as advisors to scholarship recipients.

Organizes a local speech contest for local high school students, the winners of which move on to participate in the District Speech  Competition.

Service to Seniors (sometimes referred to as "Rotary Home Team") provides support to seniors and other persons who have mobility issues and may need assistance with minor home maintenance. 

Our Club's Rotaract committee reaches out to college students and young leaders in their 20s. In the 2017-2018 Rotary year, this Committee will work with these younger adults and support the creation of  Rotaract Clubs in Oakland. Rotaract provides opportunities for personal professional...

Works within the Oakland community and identifies worthwhile programs that need grant support. Coordinates and implements Service Saturday events.

To Apply for a Community Grant: You must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or associated with a fiscal agent that is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and your...

Club Committees

Supporting Oakland Rotary with the Comittees:
Business Development, Leaders in Motion, Membership Recruiting, Membership Engagement, New Member Dinners, and We Care

Supporting Oakland Rotary with the Committees:
Brown Bag, Entertainment, High Adventure, Main Event, Speakers (formerly Programs) and Sports.

Supporting Oakland Rotary with the Committees:
Communications, Live Oak Editor, Live Oak Photographers, Live Oak Writers, and Website.

Supporting Oakland Rotary with the Committees:
Audio Visual, Meeting Support, President's Support, Business Development, and Technology.