International Service

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Giving Child a Polio Vaccine

Rotarians know no geographical boundaries.  They seek world peace and cultural understanding.  And they make things happen – from eradicating polio to supporting women scale businesses to bringing clean water to communities. At Rotary Club of Oakland, we serve through the following three committees.

We work with Rotary clubs in developing countries to plan, finance, and implement community service projects. We also work on special projects, such as student exchanges, to promote world peace through increased understanding among people in the world.

Promotes better international relations through youth exchange programs, including the long-standing student exchange with Oakland Rotary’s sister-city club, the Fukuoka Rotary Club.

We promote the work of the Rotary Foundation. We coordinate and maintain records on our Club's Paul Harris Fellows and other Club members contributions to the Rotary Foundation, and we ensure that appropriate recognition materials are presented to donors.