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The Community Service Committee delivering a check to Oakland Midnight Basketball League to assist with relaunching the program.  The goal is to keep youths occupied during peak crime hours while exposing them to caring adults and life skills workshops. Bruce Nye delivering the check on behalf of Oakland Rotary.


High Adventure returns to Elkhorn Slough (Moss Landing) for a kayaking adventure

  • Bob Barth

  • Mark Rosen

April 22, 2018 

Contact Mark Rosen (

 Baby Otters!  Baby Seals!

Kayaks can be rented at Kayak Connection at Moss landing  (see below)

Elkhorn Slough:

Kayaks: $35 for single, $55 for double, $65 for triple

Our past trips have ranged from an hour and a half to 3 hours. This adventure will be in the 1.5 hour range.

If the birthing goes well you will see  pups of Otters, and  sea lions

Please Keep in mind that each month and day on the slough is very different.

Meeting Time:

Meet at Kayak Connection between 8:30 A.M. prior to the store opening at  9:00 in Moss Landing to discuss Paddle

If you plan to rent a Kayak you need to call and make a reservation as kayaks are limited. If you call and there are no more kayaks reach out to  Montery Bay Kayak  located right next door. 

Kayak Rentals

Kayak Connection

phone: 831-724-5692
fax: 831-761-2379

Store Hours
Sat, Sunday: 9am-6pm


Afterwards we can have lunch at  Phil’s’ Fish Market.  If you haven’t been its an experience.

If you wish to attend please let Mark Rosen or Tom Limon know.

Have questions >>>. Just email me (

Oakland’s Three Female Leaders Address Our Club

Our Club moved its meeting to City Hall on April 27, 2017.  More than 120 Rotarians and 45 guests gathered, first enjoying lunch in the beautiful lobby area and then moving into the Council Chambers. Of historic note: the current Oakland City Hall was completed in 1914 and was the first high-rise government building in the United States, and also the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.)

President introduced and thanked Rotarian and City Librarian Gerry Garzonfor organizing the event.  Gerryproceeded to introduce the three speakers:  Honorary Rotarian and Mayor LibbySchaaf, City Administrator Sabrina Landreth and Chief of Police Anne Kirkpatrick. Each spoke about her particular priorities before fielding questions.

Mayor Libby Schaafsaid the budget is on her mind and will be introduced very shortly. There will be numerous opportunities to learn about it at town hall workshops over the next two months.  Information can also be obtained at the website:  Her goal is to maintain the current level of service. She spoke of the level of vitality now in Oakland as evidenced by the many construction cranes across the skyline and much building permit activity for 4,500 new housing units.  At the same time, Oakland has challenges including:

  • Crisis in housing affordability, the need for housing at all income levels and solving homelessness issues,
  • Basic infrastructure, for example potholes everywhere caused by the drought, followed by heavy rains(she is starting to name some on her way to work).
  • The need to increase the number of youth who go to college (Oakland Promise is one of her important projects),
  • and the list goes on.

City Administrator Sabrina Landrethreferred to herself as the “chief bureaucrat”. She spoke briefly of the major crises city leaders have gone through recently, including two major fires resulting in loss of life and displaced tenants. In addition, the Police Department scandal resulted inleadership instability until the recent arrival of Chief Kirkpatrick. Ms. Landreth saidher challenge is maintaining employee morale and finding the best people for each job. In her focus on staffing, she indicated a new Chief Information Officer is now on board, recruitment is underway for a new Public Works Director and a Planning & Building Director. Soon recruitment will begin for a new Fire Chief.  Sensing that Rotarians can get things done, she encouraged everyone in Oakland “to get involved”.

Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick, with 35 years of policing experience, indicated it is difficult to be a police officer in America today. She made it clear she will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. She described the department’s new approach with the publicas: “We want to love you, we want to serve you, and we want you to love us back.” A recent study concluded that the ideal size for OPD is 925 sworn officers.  Currently there are 794 officers, with no increase in the upcoming budget.  

Annually for the past 23 years, Oakland Rotarians have supported the Feed the Hungry match campaign to raise unrestricted funds for local food banks and other community food distribution programs. The campaign occurs in December when members pledge any dollar amount in support of a dollar-for-dollar match by Sean Marx, CEO of Give Something Back. This year’s campaign was the greatest yet, with members pledging $9,100 to raise a total of $18,200. The funds are being split among nine local food-distribution programs:

Alameda County Community Food Bank; First Presbyterian Church of Oakland, Food Ministry; Harbor House; Meals on Wheels; Oakland Catholic Worker Food Program; Operation Dignity (Food for Hungry Veterans0; Prescott-Joseph Center;  St. Mary’s Center;  and St. Vincent de Paul, Free Dining Room.


Local Business Leaders Respond to Call from Oakland's New Mayor

Recognized leaders of Oakland's business community are working together as partners, shoulder to shoulder, to address some of our City's most deeply-rooted collective concerns. 

Come and help us realize some of our highest aspirations as a community.

All Oaklander's will benefit from Oakland becoming known as an epicenter of progressive employment practices and nonviolence in the Bay Area. Come meet and engage with your Mayor and the Chief of Police, and hear some incredibly powerful testimonials.

This year Rotary #3 has pledged to support the innovative success behind our Mayor's desire to “Reduce Violence by Building Trust”. Our efforts will have an immediate and measurable impact on the economic development and vitality of our great city!

Supporting the efforts of "Ceasefire-Oakland" in a coordinated effort with Oakland-Unite are actually very straight forward. 

Through our considerable business network we have been able to identify many best case entry level scenarios that have shown there are myriad alternatives to successfully innovate prevention strategies. The efforts from the business community, are augmented by the basic training offered as part of the services and structural support that a very impressive case management services team provide. 

If obvious barriers or policies that in the past appear to encourage recidivist behavior, then it is quite possible that critical components of risk have been removed, giving our local young people a second chance.