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Jon and Gudrun Traveling the Trails

Gudrun ...Just blazing the way!!!! Anyone see Jon!!!

Hiking the North Yorkshire Moors in rain

Hiking the North Yorkshire Moors in rain and wind!

Putting the new Osprey Gortex gear to the ultimate test and it passed 100% Quite amazing to be warm, comfortable and smiling!!!

The heather is spectacular, as far as you can see in all directions.

We are warm, dry and settling in at the Buck Inn Hotel, Chop Gate, for the night. We have three more days of hiking, plus a two day layover to ride the steam trains and we will arrive at Robin Hood's Bay! Quite a hike!!!

Fellow Rotarians on the trail!

Rotary Club of Keswick


Met a group of hiking Rotarians today on the trail between Orton and Kirkby Stephen.

Spotted the Rotary Club of Keswick on one guys shirt! We had a great chat and fun joking about a make-up meeting for us!

Added to the enjoyment of the day.

A 13 mile day we are over 90 miles in the last 7 days

  • Ten days and 131 miles under our belts!
  • Sun, rain, mud, bogs and great B&B’s
  • Tea along the trail, sometimes in a tea room and sometimes trail side
  • . With a bath or shower, dinner and a good nights sleep we are revived and ready for the next day’s hike