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Seeking Summer Internship For Saroni-Lena Candidates 2020

Rotary Club of Oakland on behalf of the Saroni-Lena committee wants to ask for your help in finding summer internships for the college students who are recipients of a Rotary scholarship. Each year the Saroni-Lena committee selects a limited number of Oakland high school seniors with significant financial need to receive a scholarship for attendance at a four-year college or university. Most are the first in their family to attend college. Each student is assigned a mentor from the committee. 

These are impressive students who have strong academic records and have been involved in numerous community and school activities. Information about these students and their interests are listed below. 

The goal is to offer each of these students a summer internship or job opportunity through our Rotary community. These students generally do not have the kind of connections that could result in a summer internship. Oakland Rotary can be that connection!

The internships should pay at least minimum wage, be for a minimum of 20 hours a week, and have a duration of at least six weeks. If you or anyone you know has internship opportunities for college students, please contact Janice Brickley at janicembrickley@gmail.com or 510 329-8123. Please contact her even if your internship program has been suspended this summer due to the pandemic. The committee has started a spreadsheet of internship opportunities that can also be used in future years.  


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