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What We Do 

Vision Statement
"Oakland Community Rotaract is a humanitarian organization of Bay Area-based artist-entrepreneurs aspiring to empower our low-income neighborhoods to become self-sufficient. We seek to bridge the financial education gap between our struggling community and an evolving society through artistic expression and social action as well as creative involvement in applicable education seminars."


My name is DeVanté Brooks and I am serving as Oakland Community Rotaract's president. As a former HOPE mentee, I'm utilizing my abilities to pay it forward and promote change in my environment. As a muralist, my hopes are to inspire people, especially the youth, to collaborate in order to shift away from the status quo and instill a new norm.

My name is Diana Garcia and I am Oakland Community Rotaract's acting Vice President. I am motivated by thriving communities, growth and leadership from those around me. As a graphic designer and animator, I utilize my skills for positive messaging in collaboration with community members to raise awareness and unify our community.

Hello, my name is Ivy Chen and I am the treasurer, photographer, and cinematographer for Oakland Community Rotaract (OCR). As a visual artist, creating meaningful content and documenting the incredible community work that OCR does makes me feel most alive. My motivation is to showcase what we do at OCR in hopes of inspiring others to go above and beyond for their own community.

My name is Claudia Neri and I am serving as Oakland Community Rotaracts secretary. As a mental wellness advocate, I hope to create a positive impact through mental health awareness by building safe spaces within our communities. I am focused on encouraging our youth to develop & create progressive change through self-expression. I believe that communities that heal together, flourish together!"

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Meeting Times & Location 

Oakland Community Rotaract meets every 1st and 3rd Monday & Friday every month via Zoom.

Committee Contacts 

Winter Williams